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Gone fishin'!

I figure this photo pretty much sums up why I'm taking an indefinite hiatus from CITEM. In sum, I don't want to do it the injustice of my being too busy to give it the quality I'm aiming for (and that readers deserve).

If you've read my last few posts, you know I'm on a full-time, onsite contract in a marketing role. And you know I have a three-year-old. Between one and the other, I am just plumb "out of words" by the end of each day. Then on the weekend, I'm truly gone fishin'. I'm sure many of you in temperate climates can relate to that, with the summer so short.

Plus, I'm starting another blog for awhile, hoping to further explore the topic of how to manage the plethora of packaging, defective products and other single-use items we in North America are barraged with. It's my own little attempt to get people thinking about how they can re-use -- or, to sound hipper, "re-purpose" -- much of the stuff that otherwise sits around in our closets or ends up as so much landfill.

Watch this space to take a ride on a new train of thought

If you care about this kind of thing, and liked my stuff about brands and packaging, watch this space for news of my new venture into the blogosphere. With the working name of "Reuseit" (which yes we now know is being used at the City of Toronto), it will provide practical advice for re-using and conserving pretty much every product or package you can think of. And I hope the info will be delivered with just the right amount of humour and friendliness to get people returning.

And like this blog, it will be more enriched as others add their ideas.

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